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FLAT SEAL is in the market for more than 30 years, many people, institutions and companies that through time put us as the best sealant in the world.

FLAT SEAL not only reduce tire failure and inconvenience but is proven to extend the life of the tire in more than 30%.

We create your guarantee certificate with FLAT SEAL depends your need, you will always have a plus !!!!!!! , in the market there are many certificates of guarantees and many tire & wheel but with FLAT SEAL we create something unique for the markets of the cars.


It has a revolutionary chemical structure that causes this tire enhancer to be continuously fluid so that it immediately fills and seals any hole in the tire.

 Prevents Porosity, bead, and valve stem leaks.
 Pays for itself by reducing repair bills and increasing tread wear.
 Contains three rust inhibitors to prevent rust on rims, steel belts, and valve stems.
 Reduces heat buildup.
 Will not affect tire balance if properly installed.
 Will not freeze down to -35 degrees F.
 Is unaffected by extreme heat up to 360 degrees F.
 Will not void tire manufacturers warranties.
 Will not harden in tire.
 Guaranteed effective for the legal life of your tires.
 Permanently seals punctures in the tread area of your tires, up to ¼” in diameter, while you drive.
 Prevents dry rot.
 Puncture sealing is greatest in tubeless tires—but also effective in tube type tires.
 Does not affect the tire sensor.

For all this FLAT SEAL has the best guarantee program for all your customers.

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