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Ricardo Alonso

Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the JOHN E. Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). Prosperous businessman in Miami for over 20 years. In 2005, along with a group of specialists, invent FLAT SEAL, an innovative and unique product to help solve most of the biggest issues in our world today, which are the environmental pollution and road safety.

FLAT SEAL was born with the mission to collaborate and promote the preservation of our environment, specially, in the elimination of greenhouse gases that cause global warming, caused by the hand of man and the possible global energetic crisis.

After analyzing the subject, we discovered that the quality of life and the environment were the same face in a coin and that the excess of vehicles, transit congestion, together with the critical performance of vehicles, became one of the main causes of accidents and harmful emissions.

It was then decided to work with products that collaborate to improving our quality of life, always towards transit security. This depends on the three factors, the driver, the vehicle and the roadways.

For this, we concentrate on the second factor, the vehicle. Due to this, Flat Seal, a tire life enhancer that provides full protection against air loss and maintains the pressure on the tires providing security to the driver, was then born. As we introduced Flat Seal into the market, we have lower the number of accidents and improved the vehicle's performance. Investing in an easy application and only a few dollars, prevents unrepairable pain on the frequently loss of health or the loss of life or health of a loved one. Having this in mind, we promote and favor the driver's responsibility to jealously follow our mission: be guardians of life.

To conclude, and to a personal manner, I am comprised to firmly participate on the solution to our problem and our partners, directors, staff, providers and clients are all convinced of forcing a value chain oriented towards improving our quality of life and our environment. This is just the first step. We will continue to grow as long as we are all working together because "Only together, we can make a difference".